Immunity Booster | SIVA Herbal drops | Immune Modulator

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SIVA herbal drops is an immune modulator for recurrent and chronic infective conditions. SIVA herbal drops enhances phagocytosis and boosts immunity. SIVA herbal drops suppresses myeloperoxidase enzyme activity thereby controlling co-morbidities of psoriasis. SIVA herbal drops protects melanocytes in vitiligo.

Immunity Booster | SIVA Herbal drops | Immune Modulator

Immunity is very important for every person. With the advent of pandemic immunity boosting became very popular but a scientifically proven immune booster is rare and one such clinically proven immune booster is SIVA herbal drops.

SIVA herbal drops boosts immunity especially the first line of defencei.e Phagocytosis. Phagocytes are the cells that act on pathogens and the process is called -Phagocytosis which means engulfing the foreign pathogens by phagocyte cells.



SIVA herbal drops is a complete herbal immune booster which is scientifically proven to improve the phagocytic ability to engulf antigens and thereby can boost the immunity.

As per the scientific data, SIVA herbal drops is indicated in chronic infective conditions and in auto-immune disorders as an augmentive therapy. SIVA herbal drops can fasten up the recovery in recurrent infective conditions especially in fungal infections and is very effective along with anti-biotics also when given in upper respiratory tract infections.

A clinical trial conducted in Apollo wellness on fungal infective patients has showed quick recovery from fungal infections with the intervention of SIVA herbal drops when given along with the regular ant- fungal drug treatment.

Another clinical trial conducted in patients with upper respiratory tract infections where SIVA herbal drops is given as a supportive medication along with anti-biotics helps the patients for the faster recovery than only anti-biotic therapy.

In a clinical trial on psoriatic patients SIVA herbal drops also given as supportive medication along with Dr.JRK’s 777 oil showed faster remission in the psoriasis patients.

Another invotro studies conducted on siva herbal drops showed that even in hypoxia conditions SIVA herbal drops treatment increased the phagocytosis activity.

Invitro studies conducted on SIVA herbal drops showed suppression of the enzyme called myeloperoxidase while boosting phagocytosis and thereby controls the comorbidities associated with Psoriasis such as cardio vascular diseases etc.


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