Best ointment for Psoriasis | Psorolin B Ointment

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Psorolin ointment is a safe ointment for psoriasis indicated for all types of psoriasis. Effective ointment for psoriasis reduces itching, scaling and inflammation. Ointment for psoriasis inactivates elastase enzyme and provides intense moisturization. Proven to be safe under OECD guidelines.

Best ointment for Psoriasis   | Psorolin B Ointment

Psorolin B an ointment for psoriasis is a unique formulation with herbal actives and minerals respectively i.e., Wrightiatinctoria, Cynodondactylon,Boswelliaserrata, red ochre and Hydnocorpuslaurifolia. This ointment for psoriasis contain co-active agents along with herbal and mineral actives that improve the efficacy of the psorolin B ointment. This ointment for psoriasis contain co-active agents make this ointment for psoriasis more promising to patients and can witness the faster remission.

Ointment for psoriasis contains strong anti-inflammatory agents i.e.,Boswelliaserrata and red ochre.Boswellic acid present in Boswelliaserrata has steroid like strong anti-inflammatory activity. Hydnocorpuslaurifolia in this ointment for psoriasis enhances the exfoliation of the scales and thus reduces scaling and thickness of lesions.

Cynadondactylon and Wrightiatinctoria present in this ointment for psoriasis can bring the normalcy in the cell cycle by reducing the elastase and collagenase enzymes and helps in maintaining the structural integrity in the skin cells.

This ointment for psoriasis base contains intense moisturizing agents such as almond oil and avocado oil, vitamin e acetate that helps in providing the moisturization and nourishment to the skin and these also has strong anti-oxidant activity. This ointment for psoriasis also enriched with cheese –natural source of vit D can help in reducing the keratinocytes proliferation and inflammation in psoriasis patients.  

Psorolin B ointment, ointment for psoriasis is formulated in such a way that it contains charged actives and nano particles. This unique ointment for psoriasis is a powerful combination that is clinically effective.


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