Hair growth serum | Unique hair serum | Anagen grow

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Anagen grow is a unique hair growth serum with potent herbal actives. Scientifically proven hair growth serum to promote hair growth by 30%. Hair growth serum that prolongs anagen phase of hair and prevents hair damage. Nourishing hair growth serum that moisturizes scalp and hair.

Hair growth serum | Unique hair serum | Anagen grow

Anagen grow is a unique aqua based serum formulation which is completely herbal. It is formulated with herbal actives such as Phyllanthusemblica, Murrayakoenigii, Lawsonia alba, Indigoferatinctoria, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Ecliptaprostrata. All these herbs are well known to increase hair growth as per the documented data and as per the scientific studies.

Anagen grow, the herbal hair growth serum is scientifically proven in promote hair growth by 30% as per studies conducted in animal model. Anagen grow, an effective hair growth serum stops hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Anagen Grow, the hair growth serum is an aqua based and is a non-greasy and non-sticky one. Anagen Grow, the hair growth serum increases the hair growth by promoting the anagen phase of hair and stops hair fall with EGCG like activity which can inhibit the alpha reductase and prevents the conversion of testosterone to 5 DHT and thus prevent the hair root miniaturization and hair fall. A

Unique hair growth serum application which protect the hair from damage by acting as a shield on the hair shaft. It also moisturizes the scalp as this being a aqua serum. Moisturizing the scalp can also prevent the stress on the scalp and also prevent the hair fall. Anagen grow increases the blood circulation to hair root and thus increases the nourishment to hair. This helps in increasing the growth of the hair.  Herbal hair growth serum is formulated with amlathat also helps in retaining the natural hair tone or retains its dark texture and provides anti-oxidant effect and prevent oxidative stress on the scalp.

Anagen grow, the hair growth serum studied in invitro conditions proves the hair root elongation by 4 mm in 7-day treatment. Studies conducted at mRNA level i.e., Northern blot analysis showed that Anagen grow will increase the protein synthesis required for hair growth.


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