People change

Cara2022/08/09 23:36
People change

I'm taking my leave

But the fragments, the remisiscents of the day I first came here remains

Life was the bluest sky, changing into a darkest night

I had spend crescent of my life in oblivion

I wasn't the mould you wanted to carve

Wasn't your canvas to paint

I was a stranger in your space

I was the ivy growing on every inch of your being

My eyes were opened to your pain but was too far away to do anything

I was the wild fire that goes out of control

Burns the haven, the stars, the atoms of the tiniest things

But your tears claimed to be stronger than the wrath

I came back calm as a swan's heart

How was I not aware that seasons change that change to change everything?

Every year I knew you less

And got what I didn't expect


You sit Infront of me

In your eyes I see myself

The self I was when I first came here

There wasn't just a an exchange of moments, or of memories

It was the carving of deepest scars into the coldest skin

But I guess seasons changed to change me too

And maybe now I'm something new

Brown glass veil stands between us

Our reflections scared and staring back

Eyes settled on the souls trapped inside the jar of time

I took your home with kindness and gratitude

There should be a jar between us now

And that's the jar I want to pocket and never see again

But the truth is

it's too late now


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