Kech2022/08/09 14:50

Everyone deserves to be told,"I'm sorry"

Everyone deserve to use " I'm sorry"

cos it cures injuries and mends broken heart

i know and i admit i hurt you; for this reason i say

I'm sorry cos i never listened to you.

I'm sorry i cheated on you

I'm sorry for being heady.

I'm sorry for the wrong notion

I'm sorry for the outrageous character i portrayed.

I 'm sorry cos i wasn't there when you needed me most.

I 'm sorry and am sorry cos i was selfish .

I 'm sorry for been naughty,

I 'm sorry for been greedy.

I'm sorry and I'm sorry for been a liar.

I'm sorry i provoked you.

Accept my apologies cos a sorry heart brings a forgiven heart....


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