Kech2022/08/09 13:23

I had been shattered,

I had seen hell on earth.

Realities of life has been the order of day in my life.

I had been stroke with illness, Stroke With the fear that am not gonna make it, Stroke by the enemies of frustrations.

I had heard voices that said, i won't be on the top most top..

I had mingled with people who call their selves my friends and family but deep in their heart is clustered with jealousy and strive.

I had seen and heard a daughter of Jezebel who once said in quote "you are useless, do you think you can become some one in life".

she had promise, she is gonna make me mad but the most high said No.

Then i heard these words that kept me strong and fit, "The hour had come to librate the world from every oppression of the devil.

then i muttered, pounder and meditate on the word that sprung up strength and life.

Then again the devil tried to weigh i and my carrier down, I was oppressed with depression which led to migraine but the most high saw me through.

I encountered death yet i conquered.

Indeed i came, i saw and i conquered.

I am indeed destined for dominion, he has crowned me for success and has given the power over every thing he has created,

the fishes of seas, over the creeping things and many more.

He has made me the head and has crowned me with glory and honour.



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