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I ask myself if marriage is a burden cos a times the commotion you hear and see in marriage makes you wanna draw backward.

A times i ask mine self and wanna know if getting married is gonna make you a slave most especially to the female folks.

cos when you hear the man professing his love ,you as the lady feel like you are in paradise .cos he tends to hide his weird features until you get married and he unleashes the giant in him.

He goes ,having sex with other ladies forgetting you were the sweetest rose on his bed,forgetting you were the sugar in his tea and the best thing that has ever happen to him.

Suddenly he beat the living hell out of you, cos you wanna act as that caring wifey ,;asking to verify why he came home late b and drunk.

A times he disrespect and defile matrimonial bed .

He goes out spending extravagantly on women while the wifey tries her possible best to judiciously utilize the little available resources.

A times he refuses to pay the children fee.

Mr man where is your heart and feeling?

why marry her ?when you know you a a deceiver.

To the female folks why not love and cherish your husband for who he is ,why trying to frozen the man's account when you aren't ready for marriage ?

why trying to deceive the man?,

when you have a genuine lover outside .

Why using him to enrich your sole called boy or man friend?

marriage is suppose to be a paradise not a living hell,kindly set a pace for others to follow


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