Cheating history

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A betrayal romance, when relationship between couple doesn't go well people fall in love with others person.

Cheating history

I'm Beatriz (fictitious name), I'm single, but I've been very involved with a guy from my work, Flavio (fictitious name), and he is married.

Last week I went to a dinner with some co-workers, including Flavio, and I confess that I was not having a very good day, I was almost dragged by a colleague.

Two hours passed between a lot of noise and glasses of wine, I confess that after being there I felt better, the conversation was lively and so was the wine. At a certain point the conversations started to repeat themselves and the pettiness looping started.

That's enough for today! thought

I got up, said goodbye cordially and left. my car was parked nearby. As soon as I walked the first few meters I realized that after all I had drunk more than I thought, instead of turning towards home, I turned in the opposite direction and walked slowly along the waterfront and up to the viewpoint. I always liked that place, it offers a fabulous view of the sea. I stopped the car and then got out, leaned against the car and breathed the fresh night air listening to the sound of the sea.

A little later Flavio arrived, we hadn't arranged anything so I wasn't expecting to see him again that night. He parked his car next to mine, got out and stood in front of me.

- What are you doing here? I asked.

- The same as you! he answered.

- I was thinking about you! I said to him.

- Then you know I come here! He said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started masturbating in front of me.

My body responded immediately, almost without thinking I knelt down and my mouth opened and swallowed his already hard cock, he grabbed me by the hair and controlled the speed of my movements. When he let go I took the opportunity to pull out and lick him from the balls to the tip, I repeated the movement two or three times while continuing to squeeze him in my hand.

I sucked him all over again, sometimes stopping at the tip and using my hands for back and forth movements. I held him by the balls and continued to suck him generously, I was committed to doing a good job. One hand held him by the balls, I used the other hand to caress him in that sensitive part between the balls and anus and he filled my mouth all the way, each thrust reaching deeper into my throat.

At that moment when I felt him near the end I stopped, stood up, looked him in the eyes and he responded by leaning me against the hood of the car and lifting my legs, I gave him a hand and pushed my panties to the side while I guided him inside me. He penetrated me hard, all the way down, now he was using my hand to touch me, my fingers slid on my clit as I followed the movement of his strokes inside me.

I felt him come inside me, I felt him fill me and overflow and it was at this very moment when he stopped that my moment had come, I came very pleasantly and he left his cock inside me feeling my spasms and the trembling of my legs as he watched me.

Then each of us got into our car and drove home.


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