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you talk to tannish your

neighbour's image,

What's your reward?

You go about people's house seeking for what you didn't keep

What your reward?

All because you wanna know the in and out of the person so as to use it as your topic.

What's your reward?

You pretend to love them but in their back you stroke them.

What your reward?

You pretend to be bossom friends but deep in your heart is evil

What your reward?

Hey, Why calling me your neighbour when envy is singing all

over your body.

What your reward?

You call me your favourite when

deep down within you jealousy and strive has eaten you up.

What your reward?

Remember, just remember this that time wait for no one,

why not figure out something

paramount to do?

Why wasting your precious time doing nothing?

Remember, just remember this quote "an idle man is the devil's workshop".

Why give yourself to the devil to be used?

Why don't you face your business?

Why don't you look for something to improve your self instead of pork noise?

Do not deceive yourself, it only gonna destroy you.

It gonna give you time to work for the devil.

Why spend time gossiping?

Why talking too much like a parrot?

Endeavour to utilize your time cos time is money and too precious to be spent in unnecessary things.


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