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THE GAME A Novel, Romantic and Motivational Story

Faiza is a very beautiful girl, fair in complexion, slim in size and medium in height, she is everyone's admiration because of her extreme beautiful looks and unique conduct in behavior, her attractive sexy looks includes her beautiful pointed nose, soft pink libs, very prominent dimples and prominent forehead, she also possesed tiny eyes which makes her look like Chinese, usually people even call her 'China Paɣa' (Chinese lady).

Faiza lived at Vittin in Tamale but she has friend called Aisha who lives at Changli. Unlike Aisha who followed so many boys and kept on changing different boys one after the other all in the name of getting money from those boys to buy expensive dresses, Faiza didnt even have single boy in her life, in fact she didn't even have any expensive clothes, she depended on whatever her mom and her sisters got for her, sometimes decently sew dresses by seamtresses.

Most Saturdays, she would take 'Yellow Yellow' (tricycle taxi) to Aisha's house for them to go to Taxi round to buy things but anytime she got there, Aisha would prefer that they walk to town in that case rich guys may see them and befriend them, this was not all that pleasant to Faiza but since her friends wanted that she had to go by that too to please her.

One day, as they were going, around in front of Barclays Bank, one handsome guy approached them on the road, the guy got down from a 'yellow yellow', he was well dressed with top and down material designed wear, nice hair cut and so on. As soon as he drop he spotted them and confidently walked to them smiling; "sallamu alaikum (peace be with you) beautiful sisters" he greeted them gently, "wa alaikum salam (peace be with you too)" Faiza responded. Aisha looked at him from top to down and 'removed her eye' (showed no concentration), "I'm Hafiz" he introduced himself, "bro we are in hurry, our mother sent us to buy something for her so please next time" Aisha harshly replied him, Hafiz put his hand into his packet and removed and old cracked-screen Tecno Android phone and requested for their contact "can you please give me a number so that I can call you ladies later?" "we don't have phones" Aisha replied him and pulled Faiza away leaving Hafiz standing with his phone in his hand like a molded statue.

Faiza facial looks showed she was not comfortable with the treatment Aisha made to the innocent guy and turned to look at him several times as she was being pulled faster by her friend, "friend why did you do that? This nice guy, we should have given him some respect" she asked. "You dieer! I don't understand you at all, you swear not to 'open your eyes', you see this time, in this Tamale? used this your body, your shape, your color to make money, just look at how he was standing, he doesn't even have motorbyc, I mean dash-5 motorbyc, look at the phone he was using, he doesn't even have an iPhone for himself, how can he buy it for you? He doesn't even know 'watsup' (a popular word use for civilization), his appearances doesn't match our standards. Faiza, you are a beautiful girl so you need to get a real 'niggas', who can make you feel, who can take you out Sundays to make you feel well, when you get inside their rooms you can take snaps. This guy the best place he can take you to is when Afa Mutala (a renown Islamic preacher) is having Waazu (sermon) Then he take you there, that's all" [laughter by both] Aisha was talking as if she was rapping whiles Faiza was quite doing the listening, "so that is all you want in this world" she asked, "what else is in this world I have to want apart from 'chilling with the big boys?" Aisha replied, "E go over you one day (It will be too late for you one day)" she cautioned Aisha, "Nothing go happen, eher let me go back to what I was saying about me and bra Sharif before that jon interrupted"

Written by Abu Sadiq Dxier 0245758038


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