Life of a Black school girl in Rome.

Malingo Writes2022/08/07 11:00

I couldn't eat at their tables,

I couldn't even participate in the cheerleading activities which I cherished the most.

What was their excuse?

Twas that my hot chocolate skin complexion could stain their white ones,

I noticed whenever I passed through the school gardens near the basketball court, the hot guys always paid attention to my curves.

Black curves aren't implanted, knives don't pass through a black woman's breast to make it shapy,

A black woman is born with beautiful genes of curvy features that most white women go through surgery and numerous implantations to have.

A black woman is born with full lips which are very attractive, which thousands of white women go through surgery to have.

We are thesame people, just different colors and ideas sometimes.

The mistreatment should seize, I urge!

And love should abound,

as grace is abound to us by our creator.


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