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Genuine Giving

Giving is from the heart,Giving deserves cheerfulness,not with pressure but with pleasure.

Not with eye service but with

genuine heart.

Do you give cos others are giving?

Do you give cos you are propelled to give? or you are truly convinced in your heart to give cos it is written"The Almighty loves a cheerful giver".

Dear giver endeavour to give genuinely not because you wanna

be praised not because you wanna be the most recognize cos even the people whom you give know when you are giving rightly.

How do you give?

what is the motive of your giving?

Do you give to oppress the one you are giving?

Knowing that there is a reward.

To the receiver how do you receive what is being giving to you?

Do you really appreciate what is been giving to you.

Are you a genuine receiver?

what motive do you exact on the giver.

Do you appreciate what is been given to you?

Are you the one that when you are been giving things you use it against the person? or use it as yardsticks tart to start cheating person.

know very well that there is reward

in everything you do.


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