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Living rightly is essentially optimistic, cos it one of the most crucial characteristics of human which must be highly seen in the life style of every genuine human.

what do you want people to recognize you for?

Do you wanna be recognize for evil or good?

What good characteristic do you have to offer to your generation?

In your perspective,What do you define integrity as?,I guess i will live you to answer the question.

Truth(integrity) is a key to succeed

in every endeavour in life cos it is written,

"Say the truth and the truth will set you free". knowing this fact ,why choosing the wrong path.

Why do you feel that to manoeuvre things and instructions is the only path to succeed.

Integrity is being honest.

who do people know you as?

Do they know you as a man or woman of integrity?

Do they know you as a man or woman of cheat or an insincere being?

Show me a man with the trait of integrity that succeed and i will show you a man whose life is miserable due to lack of integrity.

one who lacks integrity is a worst enemy of himself.

why cheat your fellow human cos you think and feel that it the only way to succeed.

mr man be caution,

Yeah to be successful is very essential but know that a man's life is not in the content of wealth he acquires but in the genuine life style he lives ,cos there is a saying that a good name is better than riches,

In my own point of view ,good name and riches is the key to a prosperous man.


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