Kech2022/08/06 16:09

Setting up a good pace

Laying down good legacy is very essential.

As human what pace have you set down for others to follow?

What role have you played in the life of others in your community.

what do you have to offer?

How do you influence other people behaviour?

What have you contributed to your country?

Are you part of them that makes noise as empty barriers?

Are you the one that brags about but nothing tangible to boast of.

Hey my dear, don't be an empty vessel?

Stand up on your feet and live rightly.

Don't be a spectator or a passenger.

Learn, learn and learn to give your very best to the world.

Don't just be an on looker or a passerby while others are there laying foundation for a better tomorrow.

what pace or legacy have you set down for children to follow or rather, what pace do you have to set down for your children?

What legacy have you set for others to follow, what are people gonna remember or celebrate you for.

Don't be stupid Mr man sitting wasting time while others are building their future and their children's future.

Buckle up and awake from your slumber to give that possible best to your world.



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