First African Distance Learning University , will commence her admission of students on 5th Septe

Nameless2022/08/06 06:38

1.Bachelor’s Degree In Financial Accounting

2.Bachelor’s Degree In Macroeconomics

3.Bachelor’s Degree In Human Resources Management

4.Bachelor’s Degree In Managerial Accounting .

5.Bachelor’s Degree In Microeconomics

6.Bachelor’s Degree In Organizational Behaviour / Human Relations

7.Bachelor’s Degree In Principles Of Management

8.Bachelor’s Degree In Principles Of Marketing

9.Bachelor’s Degree In Biology Majors

10.Bachelor’s Degree In Chemistry Majors

11.Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

12.Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Applications for Managers

13.Bachelor’s Degree In English

14.Bachelor’s Degree In Sociology


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