we been growing together

Nameless2022/08/06 01:10

the love is high and the expectations fade pain feed age our time is aging but no limits to our growth next time i will be on my knees then the weeding bell all the birthdays wishes keep our stars shine even more brighter pain is feeding our brains thats how i know we can survive any season just promise me you will never let go lets keep on bonding if not keep on embracing like we only left with a second to be off

the first time I saw you I saw love in your eyes

we got like 9decade even the world got between but eventually love got us , my sunday morning let us invite god in it so the darkness can't consume

my Asanda miss Msomi we been in storms luckily we survived yes I told you we belong save some time for both of us so we can continue seeing the sunset together, we traded stories at your grandparents house looking at the stars holding hands that's when I knew that God is really alive the feeling of love is a feeling of beauty let's keep on walking the journey is still long we been together for long time

let us let the hearts do the talking, this is our world let's keep on


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