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Have you ever wondered why there is always the good and bad? Or why we have to crave or shape ourselves to "that" person

L.              I.                             F.             E

L. I. F. E

LOVE. Insecurities Failure excellence

By Olabanji Temidayo Grace

Someone told me a long time ago that life occurred in stages Like a flip of book every season got a chapter, the moment where you got disgraced in the dining hall or when you wet your pants or you turn out to be the best or you achieve something that felt unachievable or even got a Scholarship.

Scientists said we are all from evolution, the change in our appearance is evolution, (thank God we don’t look like monkies or even fishes, I can’t survive in a small pool for thirty minutes). Although I’m not a believer of evolution but everything just ends up with change, change is like a boss man, sitting on this gigantic chair and feeling like a King. I wish I was one


“Ajayi, you are going to be a great boy, you’re one already and most mother’s are jealous of me” My mom teased me with that, those were her usual words.

I didn’t believe it, I was a street boy, some people call me tout, but I just feel street boy sounds more polite. I duped people to make money. The normal tag of “yahoo boy” was what I was, I never had the strength to go extra in it, because of my mom.

And I think this was how I got to know I had brains, book brains not that organ, I duped people well not just the “oyinbo’s” who we know as white but also Nigerians, I duped my neighbor, even my church but I never duped my mom.

One day I got back from a bar, congratulating the amount of money I won, this was real “awoof”. I sighted a well folded paper on the plastic table that served as a centre table.

I opened it..

From: Your mom

I’m sorry Ajayi, it’s been hard, working so hard to be able to save your two years rent fee, so you won’t have to suffer when I leave, I went to search for a better life for us, I know you may not be the best child, but I see you as the greatest child on earth, I see you running for presidency and winning the elections. I love you so much Ajayi, I wished you encouragedme the more by taking your life serious but there is always a time for change, it’s a big gigantic boss you know.

To: Her greatest son


I remember I tore the paper to shreds, I called her phone but it only sounded in her room.


Years passed, my mom never came back, I waited five more years in that house hoping one day I would hear a knock, but she never did, I attended a university trying too fund myself, before I won for a scholarship which paid my tuition in full for my four years studying philosophy, It never occurred to me I would want to be a philosopher.


“….I stand here as the best graduating student” I said my last statement for the speech to the crowd, the flashes, the cameras, the multiple microphones. I cleaned my tears, there wasn’t a family to support me, but I had change with me, I could feel him smile on his gigantic chair, I could feel change clapping for me. I walked down the podium, I love the claps, from a street boy to the best graduating student.

“Ajayi, you are going to be a great boy, you’re one already and most mother’s are jealous of me”

Immediately I heard those words I turned around to see my mom, she looked older (of course why won’t she after eleven years) but those eyes, she left to shape me better. I ran to her, hugging her so tight.

“I watched you everytime, I did silently, I was the one sponsoring your scholarship, I knew you are great person” my mom said, I hugged her even tighter.

Change is really all we need to shape ourselves to “that” person we hope to be.


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