A spark of hope, it rained.

TheGoodBobo2022/08/04 20:02

It rained... And while I was down, hopeless. The breeze and the liveliness brings forth a spark of hope. For the moment, nothing else matters aside the revived hope. It rained peace and it's all well.

A spark of hope, it rained.

Drained in my grey emptiness

Like a squeezed orange; waterless

And in the cold numbness

I lie on the mattress.

On hope, I breathe...

Stuck in the speed of my heartbeat,

I feel the cold gentle breeze

The splashes awake my sanity

Like a singing dove,

"Come alive; out of this vanity"

And I woke

Engrossed in sheer clarity

It's raining - the roof can tell

Striking hard the roof above

The words, "all is well"

And in me, it builds hope

For that, I need to hold

For it might be saved, my numb soul

I rise in my nudity,

Seeking, in the rain, some purity

Wet in the hope of safety

And I pray

That it washes my sadness away

And in my life,

Off the impossibilities are wiped

As it rains now

The negativities that weigh me down

Like an elastic,

The loop that holds me static

To be freed,

Away, I pray, they speed

Bar tomorrow and what it brings...

Like a kid on a swing

The rain and the hope it sings

By the scent of the wet ground

And the cold it spreads abound

The moment that felt like hell

It saved and all is well


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