Kech2022/08/04 17:59

Peace is a pace to tranquility,it calms the atmosphere,it is an embodiment of love.

peace resolves conflict,

it bonds,it unites,

it hasten progress.

So why hate her?,

why don't you want her?,

why disturb her?,cos you think you own the key to violence.

Do you think conflict is the solution,cos you think you have the power to fight.

Mr man ,where is it gonna lead you to?

Don't you have a remorse heart?,

is there no act of sympathy

in you?,

why have sold your heart out ?

why have you devote your heart to

she devil?

why destroying the life of the innocent soul?

know ye not that he who kills by the sword will die by the sword?,Cos it is written,the same measure you use will be use to you.

Remember the terrorist Adolf Hitler who spell head the first world war 1914 -1918 and the second world war of 1939-1945,

He thought he was the most powerful person in the world ,now

where is he?

Why do you wanna destroy the life

and the future of innocent children.

Mr man,if not for anything ,think about the children,remember ,they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Where is Osama bin Laden?,where is he now?

Despite the destructions ,where has the evil doings led him to.

so why not let peace reign.


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