Kech2022/08/03 21:38

Freedom is free,it isn't bought with price.

Every human has been given privileges(freedom).

Freedom to speak,

Freedom to associate,

Freedom to move.

so,why do you keep oppressing her?,knowing this truth.

why do you keep exacting pain and agony on them?

Why is your heart so harden ?,that you feel you can oppress people

the way you like.

Cos, even the most high,God Almighty has freely rooted us out of Agony,pain,distress and Bondage,

Cos for this cause ,he sent a Messiah to rescue humanity from the deception ,lies and oppression of the enemy.

Even According to the constitution of the country ,Fundamental Right has been drafted ,stating that every citizen of a country has equal right.

So why do you wanna oppress her, one thing ,you have to know is that freedom is not bought ,it a fundamental right .


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