Kech2022/08/03 18:51

Death which brings sorrows and pain to mankind. it has no respect on man.

Neither to the poor nor to the rich.

It rubs like a thief.

Day after Day, My heart breaks and pricks, Hearing that the dearest person in my heart is dead.

Death is a silent killer, it doesn't give permission, it comes like a thief at night.

My heart pricks cos the one i call my backbone is no more.

My heart solicit for guidance,cos one who has been there for me during thick and thorns is no more.

one whom has been my heroine is no more.

Grandma, you left us alone, you slept off when we were yet to fulfill half of what we promised you.

we spoke few days before, i heard sad news.

Dear Granny you promised, we were gonna travel together before month end.

Now i heard that the enemy called death has taken you away from us.

Dearest Grandma, i wish God Almighty whom we believe in will wake you cos i still find it difficult to believe you are dead.

Although, you have indeed left a good legacies for us all.

you have indeed live a life worthy to be emulated.

continue to rest in the bossom of the lord.


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