Mūkami2022/08/03 02:31

I am afraid in large bodies of water

I don’t do well in boats and ferries 

shallow end swimming is the best I can do.


Blood is thicker than water.

How lucky are we to find some who are closer than brothers?

Only a few cross that divide

so I let the wall crack

and crack it did.


Soon the water was sipping in

surrounding me, knowing me.

When I held my hand out further I was sucked in. 

A mistake becomes a trap and then it’s neck deep.

"This can’t be how and why it ends!" so I begged

but all I felt was the one closest holding my head under water.

Some hurt you can never unfeel.


As I thrashed around I heard myself break

but before I could crumble blood dived in the water.

Unfailing and unchanging they always show up 

forever constant is who they are.

The thicker blood got the less held down I was

with blood all around I found my strength

covered by blood I broke free.


Are we lucky that some are closer than brothers?

Now I can never be sure

and it saddens me to be back here

wounded but safe 

surrounded by my wall

now with no cracks at all.



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