Elshaday2022/08/02 17:00

Loving yourself means respecting yourself, which means giving a true place in your heart.

I had spent a year to truly find what self love is and the breif meaning of it, which is a true path to live it. Many books refered self love as a love for yourself, but what is truly meant of loving yourself. Loving yourself is resepecting yourself, which led others to do the same. Here is a short true story of mine, which I found what a true self love is. It was the day i spent looking for if people love me or they dont, but the feedback i found was really hard to accept so i thought of ways how can i make them love me, but then i found out i dont love myself and how in the world am i expecting them to love me? And the books i read really proof the same thing to me. So i have to found out what loving yourself means, and i discover loving myself is respecting myself. Respecting yourself means giving a true place in your heart and it develops through time, because i found it through time


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