Deniswoo082022/08/02 13:27

Habit switching can be life changing


What do you do to cope with life's setbacks, disappointments rejection, and bad luck? Most of us resort to bad habits. Whether it be smoking, drinking, watching pornography and masturbating, ng, or unhealthy habits. Needless to say, life's senses are inevitable. The only reason we engage in those habits is because of dopamine release which put us at ease. Breaking from the chains of those habits can be an uphill task since it is deeply rooted in our minds and body.

Write down all those habits without excuses for engaging in them. I mean all. Then on the right side of every written habit write a go habit to and replace it with. So that whenever the urge to participate in InfiniBand the habit, you switch your focus to the right side and dwell on it. It takes time and won't feel good doing it the first time. But with consistency, you can nail it and reap the benefits of your persistence. Remember that where is focus goes is where your energy flows.


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