The Bitch that is you


The Bitch that is you - you never cared and never will. when all you can think about is you

The Bitch that is you

Is it allowed to hate myself

when all along the reason was

you, when I can no longer face

the pain

when I was about to give up

and die, will there be someone

to lift me up, to carry my burden

and walk with me

or facing the battle alone

without you by myside, I have

to learn and stand on my

own, to live alone

to survive a life that you

would no longer be with,

for all along we knew

it has never love

for you I am just a part

of your fling, a part of your

stupid collections, you just

used me in a way to destroy me

I hope you are happy now

contented and merry for

you had destroyed a life

you had destroyed a dream

you had destroyed a person

living peacefully, I will no longer

be the same, will no longer be

the same old me

credit all that to you


August 2, 2022


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