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Are you a movie buff and want to know what’s happening in the Indian Film Industries? The Indian Film Industry is not confined to a particular Language or Region. As we know India is a mix of diverse cultures and traditions and the number of Languages spoken in different parts of the country is too many. Whether It Many be Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, etc… every language has a separate film industry.

Hindi is the widely spoken language in north India. The movies made in the Hindi language are called Bollywood Movies and are termed as Bollywood Film Industry. Bollywood is quite popular all over the world. Some of the actors are widely recognized and have an immense craze in all parts of the world. It is not exaggerating to say that few people from different parts of the world say India is the country where Shahrukh Khan Lives. Such is the popularity of Bollywood stars.

That being said Bollywood movies do quite big numbers in terms of Box office Collection. Bollywood Movie Dangal Almost collected 2000 crores worldwide and is a remarkable achievement by the Hindi Film Industry.

Though Bollywood is the bigger film Industry compared to the rest you cannot skip or ignore other film industries especially Tollywood and Kollywood Film Industries. Both Tollywood and Kollywood are regional film industries in south India.

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Tollywood Film Industry Aka Telugu Film Industry is one of the most popular film industries in the world currently. Do you Know? The Number of movies being made each year in the Telugu Cinema Industry is comparatively more in Number than in the Bollywood Industry. Though Shocking but its true. Such is the capacity of the Telugu film industry.

Tollywood Films are now widely recognized all over the world post-Baahubali. You can see the immense craze and Love for RRR a Telugu movie from Western Countries. Though Telugu cinema needs to increase its technical capabilities and brilliance to reach on par with Hollywood in terms of movies they are making and the quality and content they are providing are no way less than western cinema. Their box does prove the same.

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Kollywood is yet another prominent Film Industry in India. Confined to Tamil Speaking region Tamil Cinema always proved time and again its capabilities with its Box office Numbers. Their Superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are widely known their movies were loved by many irrespective of the language barrier.

Besides these three major Film industries, several Movies are being made in the Malayalam Film Industry Kannada Film Industry and Punjabi, Bengali, and so on.

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