The dumb that is me


I am the dumbest of dumb

The dumb that is me

You may not believe

how stupid I am, to love

someone like you, when

all you can think about

is you

without knowing

what is happening to me

do I look happy, do I look

stupid you don't even


so what the heck

am I loving you, it hurts

me to think the you are

just using me, you are

just manipulating me

for your own personal

gain and interest, I know

I am dumb, dumber than

I could imagine, the dumbest

of all

brought about by loving

you and caring for you

so myself don't feel sorry

you brought it upon you

to be a fool

next time don't be

a fool, just die and burn

your ass on the ground

for you are that way

all along


July 28, 2022


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