Magic word ✨✨✨

AlixQueen2022/07/26 10:02

Magic word is a word used to express our sincere intention of what you have done and how to used it in a sincere manner with all your heart 🙌

Magic word ✨✨✨

When we all live together

In great big noisy herds

It's easier if people

Make use of magic words.

When you ask for a favor,

Or you want some of these,

Or any little something,

The magic word is "Please."

When people give you something,

As friends and family may,

It's nice to show you're grateful:

"Thank you!" is what to say.

If you bump into someone,

Then "Oops!" is not enough.

"Excuse me!" is much nicer

Than mumbling and stuff.

If you hurt someone's feelings,

You should apologize.

"I'm sorry!" makes it better

Than shuffling and sighs.

For magic's not all rainbows

And wands and golden rings --

The truest test of magic

Is how it changes things.


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