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Decorative Wooden Room Divider Panel Foldable Dividers Fireproof Soundproof Material Partition Wall

Our products are made by advanced equipment and professional work teams by using high quality raw materials and most of our equipment and molds for production are made by ourselves. Our products have been very welcomed by our clients in the market. Our products are affordable, nice looking and easy to install, and included various series of acoustic panels.

We also have good cooperation with enterprises including customers from residential and commercial interior designers, interior finishing and remodeling contractors, interior designer firms, for a long time. DevelopmentW is a management, consulting and development company headquartered in Switzerland, dedicated to the development of hotel concepts and plans to refurbish, rebuild and reopen. UEFB is Ireland's leader in high-quality stainless steel and low-carbon steel manufacturing, construction steel structures and forged metal structures in the construction, pharmaceutical and food sectors. IIAMXH is a leader in turnkey project construction, engineering, maintenance, turnover and manufacturing services in the power, energy, chemical, manufacturing and industrial fields in the United States.

Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

There are a number of interior applications including Guangzhou Yihe Hotel, Guangdong, Banquet Hall of Zhejiang Country Courtyard, Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Qiushuishan Hotel Ballroom, Howyde Halal Gourmet Restaurant in Tongxin County, Ningxia, Fengtai Garden Hotel Dongguan, etc.

Soundproof Operable Sound Finished Folding Room Divider Walls for Banquet Hall Restaurant

We are an architectural firm interested to know if you offer a matching panel to your soundproof movable room dividers for adjacent walls that are fixed.

We are a church located in New Jersey. We need to use a multipurpose room 60'x15' to make of it 3 class rooms. We need 3 acoustic partition walls for class rooms.

I'm interested in your product Folding Partition Walls Sound Proof Wall Partition Panel Vertical Folding Partitions, I would like some more details and pricing. We can do a sample with size at 3. 7 meters and width at 12 meters.

Our products are widely sold to China and other countries, such as Goiânia Brazil, Lucknow India, Bangkok Thailand, Nantes France, Leicester United Kingdom, Niigata Japan, Rotterdam Netherlands, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Rangoon Myanmar, Turin Italy, Columbia United States, Harrisburg United States, and so on.

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