a chameleon like you


don't be deceive by looks, an angel disguise as a devil

a chameleon like you

You've betrayed me with your

lies, you had made me believe

you are different, but you are

the same

a liar and a thief, I always

thought you were different

you were one of a kind

a unique and true person

I gave my all in loving you

I had to give up, my life for

you, I had to sacrifice

everything I have

Just to prove that

I love you and how much

I care for you, you have

been my life

you have been the center

of it, why would you

threw it all away, for some

social media apps

be ashamed of your self

be wise and content

for you may never know

that i no longer wanna

be with you


July 25, 2022


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