How Long Will I Wait?

Nameless2022/07/23 08:05

It's a poem that centres on poverty. The poet portrays how he's unhappy with his current situation. He laments his financial incapability. He's losing hope and hence narrates his status by using a rhetorical question "How Long Will I Wait?"


I see people comfortably buying cars

Like the cloud borning new stars.

I see beings building masions

When I can't even afford televisions.

I'm as poor as a church mouse.

How then can I build my own house?

Poverty perches on my roof.

It appears too hard to reproof.

I'm as bitter as galls.

For I've witnessed million downfalls.

Day by day I grow old,

But money I don't behold.

Am I Obed-Edom

Who was written-off in the kingdom?

But afterwards became a blessing

After million days of being disgusting.

How long will I have to wait?

My journey to success is getting late.

I've prayed and fasted.

Till when will I be feasted?

Omotayo Akegbejo

Mc Nazareth



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