Kuvonakala2022/07/23 02:37

They Aspire


Its flabbergasting when spectators are astonished

I tried to conceal my path and yet viewed like cinema.

I am not a public figure but my actions are figures, 

well documented and displayed like perfect picture

being traced and analyzed like next opponent in the fixture

sometime being trapped their desire is capture.


For being honest and just they hold grudge.

For picking my path and dwell on it they judge.

For being myself they trick, tempt and wish I budge,

for they disturb my peace with needles midge.


Yet, on a second thought I comprehend their actions

everything that is noble has charm.

I guess my actions are excessive hence they chant.

Maybe its adoration I have inspire they aspire.

Not singing my own praises like hypocrites

My path is cleared and paved hence they wish to set


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