Kech2022/07/22 12:06

This can be used as spoken words

Life itself is a mystery

that can not fully be comprehended.

How do you see life?

This is the question, i live you to answer your self.

Cos sometimes, i wonder how man is so mindful of the things of this world that he want to kill himself into, i guess you understand that.

life a times doesn't really give you what you deserve but it takes patient to actualize your dream in the world you dwell in.

life is filled with so much fantasy but it takes courage, bravery and smartness to achieve spelled out goals and objectives.

How you perceive life determines what life gives out.

Where you are in life is as a result of the bold step you have taken.

know this that, "the raise in life is

neither for the sluggish nor the swift" but for the smart ones and for they that believe on the most high.



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