Kech2022/07/22 11:31

it more of spoken words

Love is magical, it caring.

But it hurts to love someone and not be loved in return

The question is,

Love they say covers injuries...yeah,

Do you continue to love while the ones you love hurt you?

Cos sometimes you get obsessed

with someone who you feel can help you pet your emotions but

it hurts to see that there is no reciprocation then you ask your self, is it lust or love?

In conclusion, sometimes love deceives but i wish, it does't deceive you and i, cos when it deceives, you become ignorant and Adamant.

Every one really want to and deserve to be loved, yeah especially the female folks.they wanna be loved and adored but do

the male folks actually want that?

Male folks hear this--and be warned

Why do you oppress her? cos you think you

own the major key to her emotions.

Why hurt her? Cos you know she is intoxicated in love for you.

Why disrespecting her? Cos you think, she can't just let go.

Now, why do you wanna tell me it all a mistake? Cos when the love was right beside you, you foolishly took it for granted.

Mr man, are you insane? think before you take your actions cos one day, all the wrong will be had i

know and you will come genuflecting.


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