Flow2022/07/22 01:39

You told me not to be afraid of the journey 

I was fine in my old little cocoon 

There I wasn’t bewildered by vacillating feelings

Feelings I wished I never come across 

I took a bite of the truth you offered 

I was astounded by how marvelous I was 

The ineffable feeling of love and grace that fills the air I breathe 

I couldn’t help but be enchanted by you

And the fantasy of what we can be and achieve together enlivens in my mind for evermore 

Amidst the ecstasy of heaven dwelling 

on its horizon 

The deep pains of an ensnaring hell

I wasn't ready for this to end 

We've sailed to the edge now 

You encouraged me to surrender to it 

I gazed at your soul

In these trying times for an assurance 

As it gets darker and colder

I see and feel you less

You said the wisdom lucy offers is liberating 

And I need to be free of you to re-sparkle

The dead lights of my lower self 

I want to share the light with you 

But can't withstand the reality of you tunneling the pits of hell with me 

Yet, I can't let go of your essence 

Your voice echoes and effaces the clusters of demons within

Every day the light gets a bit brighter 

As your aura trailed distantly 

What then is the reason for the trip

If the destination is to not be with you

The universe is eternally infinite 

So why do I feel selfish for wanting only you 

Why does my heart ache for your longing 

Every triumph spiral a thought of you 

And at the gloomy depth of ennui 

Your love is my solace 

The last thing I ask of you leaving heaven 

Was if this was the verge of our Godness

You said, ”we are all there ever was and ever will be“

We part now only to meet again 

And the story of our reunion shall be a tale for eternities to come 

Everything is there to experience 

You seek love at its highest 

Then you must be willing to travel as far back 

As the beginning of everything to meet it 

I've lost sense of time and space 

Lost count of days and nights 

But not a second pass by 

That isn't shared with you 

For no matter how grand the universe grows

Or obscure and fleet space and time is

The memories of you are the only thing I hold on to 

The only real thing there is. 


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