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I was taking a stroll and the lines just jumped into my head. I realized that the importance of mothers cannot be overemphasized. Mothers are rare golds that needs to be praised and appreciated

Sweet Mother

A rare gold always exists in everyone's life

It is there to lighten your way in life's long ride

An important personality to eradicate sufferings and strife

Though aging with graceful steps, she is always shining bright

Who nurtured you through the hard times of childhood?

Who scolded you for the silly things you did?

Who protected you from the trouble of the neighborhood?

Who forced you to attend and enjoy games at school?

She never relents in satisfying your needs and wants

Giving you everything you always dreamt and sought

She enriched you from her life's enriching natural nectar

She gave you the vitamins you need to be healthy, strong and better

Who surpasses mother who made herself fashionless to clothe you?

Who warns you to stay away from ungodly baes and boos?

She doesn't rest or sleep whenever you take ill

She prepares food and forces you to take your pills

Nothing your mother does warrants you despising her

She will never do anything to make you cry

Do you remember all the help you frequently get?

All her clothes and belongings, she is ever ready to sell

Who sneaks you treats even when people say it ain't good?

You can never pay her back with all the good you do

Oh! How graceful and lovely she ages with time

Some say mothers are overrated, that is a blatant lie

How do you hope to repay her love and kindness?

She cheers you up when you fall to ease away your sadness

Everyone boasts with her, even your brothers and sisters

Nothing is more illuminating than my rare Gold


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