Stand Strong 💪💪

AlixQueen2022/07/21 13:20

Stand Strong is a motivational speech used to express our commitment to work or practice

Stand Strong 💪💪

Stand Strong 💪💪

Perceptions changing everyday

I see you smile & I look away

I want to show you what is real

For you to see how lost I feel

In my life, the pain is always here

So I hide away, inside my fear

Of loving you & letting you inside

But I can't give into the love this time

Please forgive me, if I am wrong

You'll be safe, If I'm alone

Can't find a way you can love true

My sadness only makes you blue

You can't love me the way you should.

I push you away for your own good

It will not change, how am I wrong?

Alone I can't hurt if I stand strong

Now I'm free to lock me inside my hate

I'll fade away, I must accept my chosen fate

No one hears this tragic song I weep

I must stand strong, never let myself be weak


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