Mr.Darkness and Me

Palace Of Literature2022/07/20 14:45

This poem describes a boy walking in the night, he dies and go's to heaven without feeling pain or knowing that he passed on to the after life

Mr.Darkness and Me

Mr.Darkness and me


The light slowly fades from the sky

And the birds go home to sleep

I walk along the road because I needed fresh air to breath

The world grows darker with me in the centre

I feel like the master of the night

And the king of the world

Wish I could make it a reality if only it were that easy


On my little journey I met a friend

He wears a black coat and he does not talk

He leads me in the woods and shows me his palace with all the towers and all the guards

All the waiters and servants at my command

I enjoyed myself and forgot I had a home

With parents to call my own

I did not want to leave this paradise but I must

As soon as I want to

I realized I cant

Because the friend I stumbled upon

Was not a man

But my angle

Who lead me to the promised land

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