Named2022/07/20 07:55

Somehow I failed to recognize you

Somehow I moved with you yet never saw you

Somehow you protected me every night but still afraid

Somehow I drowned, but you still pulled me out of the waters

Somehow I disobeyed you and got swallowed by the big fish

Somewhere I wanted to loose this life I never gave myself

Somehow I left your arms and never found peace

Somehow I realised am lifeless without you

Somehow your lifewas the price for mine

Somehow your bruises were the cure to my wounds

Somehow I gained life when you faced death

Somehow you say you love unconditionally yet I still feel unloved

Somehow I failed

Somehow I may fail

Somehow I will fail

It is my humble request that you that you never let me go no matter what.

All I know is that somehow, somewhere on the cross you led me to victory over all.


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