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Sporting lifestyle is a lifestyle that makes people see themselves in another world that others don't fit in. They see an extra ordinary work that others can't accomplish

In our everyday life, people have witnessed a lot of challenges in carrying out their daily activities is either through stress or is caused by obesity i.e more than average fatness in the body which causes the body to loose it's energy to work or perform duty.

In the world today where people who are into one or more sporting activities engage themselves through training, eating good food/balanced diet, etc.

There are so many ways to make your sport life beautiful and interesting. So many people/individuals engage themselves in so many activities which makes them enjoy their sport life to be worth something for.

While some don't like sports because they believe that is a waste of time, is not educational, not impacting knowledge or so whatever. People who have this mind set are those who believe sport can't change their life. So many people today engage in business not knowing that health is wealth; if your body don't feel okay how then will you make money?.

Ways to make your sport life beautiful and interesting:

* Engage yourself in training

* Eat adequate balanced diet

* Relaxation

* Watch your desired activity on Tv / mobile phone

* Have an idol or a mentor in that sport activity you engage yourself in.

* Have the mind of positivity

* Dream big

* Engage yourself in training:

Train yourself in the sport activity you love so much e.g football, basketball, volleyball, tennis ball etc. Train yourself always at least thrice a week because it's helps your muscle system to become stronger always because training makes perfect; train yourself to be perfect in what you do. Every champion or great player start from the foundation (beginning).

* Eat adequate balanced diet:

In your everyday life make sure you eat the six classes of food in the right proportion. In the morning before you do your daily activities make sure you drink water (warm water at least 2 full cup) it helps flush out the waste product that is left in the system, it also wakens the system to be very active because water is life. In morning eat light food (tea, bread and noodles) at noon you can eat semi- solid food like beans, moi-moi, rice, etc) then at night you can eat fruits and take in light substances. Drink water constantly because it helps a lot in the body. Eat a lot of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrate and less fat. Proteins help in building the body those who are athletic they eat more of carbohydrate because it helps in giving energy to the body.

* Relaxation:

This helps in making the brain active. In relaxation, people tend to relax because ease them from stress anxiety etc. When relaxing, it helps in our physical and mental state/health or behaviour. Relaxation is very good/ essential to the body.

* Watch your favorite sport activity on Tv / mobile phone:

We should watch them more often because when watching it, we tend to know new skills, new method or tactics. It create this uniqueness in us because having something without seeing what the outcome will be is not the way to achieve beautiful sporting lifestyle. For example, you love football and you don't see those who play it then you are not ready to improve in your sport lifestyle. It helps a lot in every area of your life (it create that awareness to know and discover new technic).

* Have an idol or mentor in that sport activity you engage yourself in:

Have an idol or a mentor (someone you look up to) a wise and trusted guidian and advisor. Having someone as your idol or mentor in the sport activity you involve yourself in helps to increase your zeal and passion for it.

* Have the mind of positivity:

In your everyday life always think positive, act positive and stay positive (3ps). By doing this you can experience great things coming your way. Positivism is the form of empiricism that basis all knowledge on perceptual experience (on intuition or revelation). When you stay positive you display affirmation to others.

* Dream big:

This is the last stage of making your sport life look awesome. At this stage, every individual should be able to dream a lot on how to make it possible especially those to make it as their career or ambition. While some make it as their hobby in either way always dream big for better result. So put in effort in whatever you do, work hard and experience good result.


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