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Life and all it takes


At birth, life seems to be a worryless body that give the body and mind the beauty needed at a time. It all comes with a price as you grow more because childhood feels better than any moment spent in life because you are filled with less worries or responsibilities. By then you get all the love you wanted and everything seems to go all well and dreams upon dreams call your way. Life can offer someone anything at anytime because life can be a challenge on it own.

Few years to your age, you feel like you have changed because you have to think more than you do presently. Life offers happiness, challenges, death, love, sadness and anything it can offer including dreams. Life handles you the way you handle it. If you treat challenges in life as a whole big deal, it will make a whole big deal out of you without even securing a way out for you.

I think life is an opportunity to do better when you exist in order to achieve more things you can't even think of. It might seems weird but life without challenges is nothing. Those challenges are to make you stronger and create a better opportunity out of anything one can be face. The way you take it, the way it takes you.

Without life there are no dreams, no feeling of love, no achievement and no encounters. Would you forsake it just because you are facing a lot?

It's okay to be weird in life, it is just a way of finding how to make your weaknesses a strength. Many people face a lot of problems, diseases, genetic disorder etc. These diseases might include diabetes, any form of cancer etc. 20% people get depressed due to low self esteem and family problems. Born with silver spoon or not both side can solve problems if opporti were given to the both sides. A silver spoon born person with no happiness will ever wish to trade with a low born with happiness. In this life people classify themselves into three. They are higher class, middle class, lower class. In a real world, there is nothing like that. The way people treat themselves brought about this. Low born, diseased person, able body, disabled, sick person etc, when it comes to life, we are all the same. The little difference is that we have a little opportunities more than each other.

Some people believe in miracles some do not. Either miracle exist or not, it depends on our mind. Whenever you put your mind to something, the things seems to happen. Miracle works in the same way with that. Believe it's real and it will happen, doubth it and you won't see anything coming.

In life, there is nothing like good and evil. It's the mindset of man that brought about good or evil intent that is our thought about something or someone. It also means having good intentions or not. Either ways a bring has the right to control his or her life in order to turn it into an opportunity and make achievement out if it. The significance of being alive is making good out of it and being remembered for good.

At old age, the only thing that balance life is death. Their are lesser worries at this age after making great impacts and making a great achievements. Death is the only thing that balance the course of living which is LIFE.



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