Now I know that it's me

Named2022/07/19 06:43

Will I be enough?

What am I in your eyes? Am I loosing my senity? It seems as though I need to go back to one,but why does it hurt soo much? Why do I feel like I can never be enough?my soul sinks and my heart breaks, my eyes have not seen and my ears have not heard. My insides are in chaos and I wonder " will I walk the faith of Abraham! Will I see the light like Paul! Will I praise you like David! Will I stand in your presence like Moses! Will I call the fire from heaven like Elijah! What will I be oh Lord? Will I surpass my fears when am in the fire! I want to hold you. I want to be but why do I feel like am failing. Now I know that it is me that you have called to do greater things, inwardly you shape me to your image.


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