Are you the one?

NuEk 122022/07/18 22:30

An introspective approach for the matters of heart!

Feels like meeting again and always,

Never feels like I'm not good enough for you,

Did we ever come together and say it out loud?

Or did we just exchange the looks?

Did we actually understand each other or did we just assume?

I can't seem to find a place for you out of my mind, not anymore.

Getting closer to you in a way I never imagined is something I manifest to occur,

Sharing what I once thought was just mine,

Stirring my mind to what I thought was a sign,

Discovering each other in ways we never did,

Going on the long drives in the rains which earlier felt like shit,

Sinking in your charm looking at you being all rugged,

Driving like you are trying to impress me or like I wish you were,

I can never thank you enough for the peace you have brought to me,

Im still unphased by what you do to me,

When my eyes stop at the sight of you, can't say I was dead in my tracks but I can vouch for a collision on the street,

Its pretty awesome how you and the thoughts of you don't escape my mind,

I don't want to stop only at the videos I took of you because even after the 100th play it left me wanting for more,

I want the colour of you in my life, I still want to know little about you each day,

What I hate to do is cancel a plan with you,

Then the entire day is me beating myself and asking why?

When you meet me next time, tell me, give me a hint, or may be try to start this conversation. May be im expecting too much but its all true about you.

You are unaware that im writing this, im still unsure as to how you really feel.

Are you the one I think you should be?


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