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Miss aiman moin raza! A young and passionate girl of 16 years. From bareilly shareef (uttar pradesh) She have a passion for creative writing since the age of 12 when she was in 7th grade And her passion is getting bigger day by day and she believe that she will be successful to achive her goals in life.



Daughters are the star of a mother's eyes.

Sister's heart is the support.

There is a box of respect for the Father.

And there is an edge of love for the husband.

Brother's wealth and house's fame.

To say this is about small things.

But in reality it is the most powerful.

By the way, it is the identity of two houses.

But still it is a guest in both the houses.

Daughters are that edge of love.

Which connects two different houses.

Keep a stone on your heart.

She gives up all her dreams.

Daughters are smarter than their age.

And is more than loyal.

Daughters are the lamp of happiness.

With which the whole house remains illuminated.



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