Shakes pen2022/07/18 07:02

The devil is a poem of how a lady was ripped off by the her lover - the devil

The Devil


In the midnight trail
where darkness triumphed over stars
and the moon hid behind the clouds,
he appeared brightly dark,
telegraphing mesmerized jinks
like the torrents of light in cages.

His words caught me between avils
and hammer-a world embroidered
with lustful love, where i drowned
in the pool of silence
that could freeze whales in its ocean.

Being myopic led my lips kisses
like a nymphomaniac engulfed in
orgasm. He undressed my cloud and withered my flowered petals.

I wallowed in wanton tinderbox that filled my all,

then I came off my reverie
to embrace my trauma.
Yes it was him-The devil.

Shakes Pen


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