Smil3y2022/07/17 21:43

She smiled so wide

I could count her teeth

I got jealous of such a priceless moment

Towards me she jumped and hugged my leg

Holding back the ocean in my eyes🥹

I smiled bittery

As I said Hello!

Mindless of her dirty hands rubbing on my jeans

I kneeled down as I faked a smiled on my face.

Oooohhh what a lovely child

For a second I had remembered how to play again.

She helds my two hands steady as she pulled sand on them.

Not minding the cuts and hangnails on them

And continued to laugh

And enjoy a strangers company

Then quickly her mother comes to pick her up and says.... Sorry she's getting your clothes dirty

But back on my I wished she could make sense of words and I would THANK YOU little one.


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