Firoz Chaudhary Musical artist

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Firoz Chaudhary Musical artist

Firoz chaudhary (Born on 1st July 2005) is a Popular Indian Musical artist, Singer, Actor and Producer. He is the Founder/CEO of “Chaudhary Media Company”.& Now He is working with 30+ foreign & Indian Artists, Actors & Producers.

Beacoming an Actor and Artist looks very easy but it takes talent, lot of hard work and determination. The dream of working in Bollywood is next to attaining nirvana. In a country of more than 1.2 billion people, making a space for yourself in the film industry is extremely tough, if not impossible. Thousands land up in Mumbai every day to pursue their dreams and thousands return without realising them.

Firoz Chaudhary, a dreamy-eyed boy come from a small Village of Uttar Pradesh, and started his music career with Hip-Hop/Rap and Rock music. He has performed in various Countries like Australia, Japan, Dubai, America, Kuwait & Singapore. His performances are known for his hard hitting rendition of the song with powerful vocals and great control over rhythm with perfect clarity. His first song "Sweg Se Swagat" heard by more than 90 Million people's in worldwide.

When he was Performing one of his shows in Japan, he met the famous Actor of the Bollywood Salman Khan from where he got a chance to work in Bollywood film industry.

Firoz Chaudhary began his Acting career with appearances in more than 15 T.V Serials like Balveer Returns, Aladdin, Indian Idol, CID, Delhi Crime & Big Boss.

He made his Bollywood debut in 2021 with the Movie "Antim:The Final Truth" (2021) with the Indian Big Boss 'Salman Khan', & his second film "Satyameva Jayate 2"(2021) with Popular Actor 'John Abraham' in which he acted in a lead role.

Also He produced many films like Fio(2022), Roll and Roll(2020), who killed the klf (2021)

Firoz Chaudhary says I will not forget even a single effort that people have put on me and the trust they have shown towards me. I would encourage others to do what it takes and put all their efforts into succeeding and being the best version of themselves!


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