__O.B KWASI2022/07/16 01:20


It a view, a doubt in look
In suspense, dismayed
A writer thought through; human of unknown
Eye caught in doubt, heart believed

Physic of writer, picture glows in disbelief
Eye pick on a calm self
Man in muscles marked with moisturised moustache
Boy ?, a twenty-nine years old at difference ten self.
5.2 inch tops ground

16th Century styled, hairy covered
Mirrored left arm as right arm, absurd
No thoughts to furious fifties at furisome
yes, no unapproachable face.
Bad self scares at angles, goodness attracts

Host in beauty, captioned as snail, tortoise and chameleon.
Man for meek attitudes, salted at coast
Drowned in humility humour
A sight at figure, an indelible signature in picture.


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