Six steps on how to move on after a breakup

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Six steps on how to move on after a breakup

How To Move After a Breakup - Six Steps That Can Help.

The healing process after a Breakup can be really tough. It can be especially difficult when you least expected someone you genuinely love so much to feel that he or she can no longer continue the relationship you once had. There by leading you to blaming yourself for everything that happened between you and your ex. A heart break can leave open wounds in a person's heart for years and even more, especially when you are not ready to move on or in other words, when you are not ready to heal. However if you really want to move on with your life you need to be determined to do so. This article focuses on six steps that can help to get back on your feet after a breakup.

Delete/Remove Any Information That Remind You Of Them.

This step can really help you during your healing process and it is a sure way to move on after a breakup. Deleting any information you have about them might include, pictures you might have of them, Videos you together, music ( in this case you might check out some songs you have that remind you of them and make sure you delete them). It also includes deleting old messages and text you once shared, deleting and blocking his or her contact and also, avoid going to places that might bring back memories. These are some of the steps you can take to begin your healing process.

Of course doing all these things can not make you forget your ex completely, but it can help you to reduce the urge of trying to get back together with them. For instance, deleting his or her contact can prevent you from calling them just so you can make room for going back to them again, also deleting video and pictures can reduce some memories you might have of them.

It's not always easy to heal after a breakup but following the right steps like this one, will help you to move on.

Reduce The Time You Spend On Social media.

Another step that can help you to move on is when you limit the amount of time you spend on social media. Although taking this step is not always necessary, but in most cases it can be really helpful. Reducing the amount of time I spent online was really helpful to me after my breakup and I am certain that this can help you too.

Another thing that can also help is, unfollowing pages that promotes love stories and post pictures/videos of couples in love, this will reduce some feelings you might still have for your ex. if you once followed them on any social media handles this is the right time to unfollow them. Use the time you once spent on social media to engage In outdoor activities that can relax your mind, like going for a walk or hiking. Or you can also engage yourself in numerous activities and his will help you to forget some irrelevant memories you might still have for your ex.

Eat Healthy

A heart break can lead to alot emotional and mental problems. For instance, most people might start to develop signs of depression which most times might make person lose appetite. Some people who gradually devlope depression might deprive themselves of food for days there by leading to a lot of health issues like Ulcer and many more. I want you to know that depriving yourself of food will not in anyway solve your problems instead it will increase it. That is why it is important to eat and not just eating alone you need to eat healthy foods.

Avoid junk foods all costs, engaging yourself in foods high sugar and fat can endanger your health, for instance you might begin to stress eat and stress eating can cause a lot of health issues. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems and it can have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep your appetite in check. Eating healthy can also be beneficial during your healing process.

Exercise More

Exercise can help you to get your mind off some unnecessary things. Aside from that there are many health benefits of exercising. Exercise can help improve your sleep and it is also an important aspect of healing after a break up.

You can try running long distances very early in the morning before everywhere gets busy, it can help you free your mind. However if you feel running can be a little hard for you, you can try taking a long walk and if you feel you won't be able to do it alone, you can ask a close friend or family member to accompany you. By doing so you will improve your mental health and you will gradually get better.

Spend Time With Friends And Family.

This is a very important step. You don't need to go through a heart break all alone, don't keep what your are feeling locked up in your heart. Expressing your feelings to a close friend or family member can really help soothe the mind. Spend quality time with your friends and family, and if you do not have much friends or a close friend you can talk to, use this opportunity to make new ones. Create time to eat with them, play games with them, go on outings, engage in fun activities with them, look for opportunities to help others and most importantly leave your best life. If you do all of these you will see a lot of improvement in your mental health and you will keep getting better everyday.


This is also a very important step too, however it can be an exception if you find it hard to travel or if you do not enjoy traveling at all. But if you do enjoy traveling find the time to visit new places, create some alone time for yourself, explore different cultures and foods just for the fun of it, meet new people, and create time for recreational activities. Remember that you need to do everything you can to move on and going on vacations is one way you can do that. But if you don't have the means to travel like I said earlier, you can replace this with spending more time with your friends and family.

Remember that getting over your ex can not take effect immediately it is a gradually process. And following all these steps will greatly increase your chances of getting better, and it will no doubt improve your mental health.

I hope you gained a lot from reading this article, I hope you apply it and share what you learnt with others who might be struggling with getting over a breakup. Thank you for reading.


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