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The Lark

Herewith I is a dream

In the beginning, fate denied

All its kindness on a super lark

Lessons came along the fight

Identity sought in the wild call

The lonely lark split to lift the might of its wings

With wings spread high, it flew

With the might of the older wings

In search of who.


The clouds darkened, lightning struck,

Rained hot, oh!

“Hold on” the older wings whispered

Here we come, “keep high”

Withered, the lark broke,

“You are worthy” a whisper.


Here she is,

Thinking of all the days

She could have made a flower

Dreaming of all the times,

The world cast her out,

Thought of how she could make a clover.

Here she is,

Making a flower blossom,

To blossom the life of a lonely child

So she thought…


Here she is,

Creating a light that can be,

That can beam,

That can shine,

That can bloom...


Here she is,

Thinking of all the flowers

She can make,

All the days she’s got to bake and make

Dreaming of all

She is casting in for her worth

All the times, days, night, dawn!


Here she is,

Cleaning the tears

Mending the broken wings

Lonely lark,

So she thought, oh!

Here she is, lighting the streets of brokenness,

Finding her way,

Finding her way!

Holding the candle to the tunnel...

The ray shoots straight

Shooting for the stars.


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